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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

Driving your Company's Digital Transformation

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) is a central platform for all integration activities. It enables you to respond easily, rapidly and innovatively to your digital transformation challenges:

  • B2B integration: Cross-company networking

    Network and integrate your company with any or all of your business partners. more...

  • API integration and API management: Connect systems and applications

    Establish a framework for networking all of your systems across companies in real-time. more...

  • MFT integration: Exchange data securely

    Managed File Transfer: Use secure and simple mechanisms for standardized intra- and cross-company data exchange processes and data integration. more...

The Business Integration Suite –
The Engine Driving Your Digital Transformation

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is 100% German-engineered from the ground up using a single source-code base.
Experience the SEEBURGER Difference.


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Future-Proof through integration

Digital transformation is forcing companies to implement digital business models and roll out consistent networking strategies across all of their business areas. With SEEBURGER BIS, you give your company a significant competitive advantage: thanks to the seamless integration of all systems, applications, business partners and cloud services, you can access all the information you need anywhere in real-time, enabling you to generate greater revenue and profit in your core business.

You only Need a Single Platform!

Regardless of which file format, standard or communication protocol you use, with SEEBURGER BIS, you have the tools you need to fulfill all your integration needs as you transform your business processes.

Digital transformation – SEEBURGER BIS manages and automates all forms of data transfer.

 Your benefits:

  • Improved control of your internal and external business processes. With a single standard B2B file transfer solution, you can consolidate all of your B2B processes (such as Order-to-Cash and Purchase-to-Pay), transfer sensitive files of any size securely and efficiently, and improve and harmonize your business processes.
  • Respond more rapidly to changes within your company. BIS makes it easy to map out new company structures and quickly integrate new units, as you might need to following an acquisition. Regulatory requirements can be implemented faster with minimal potential for errors, and your systems can support the networks of your business partners with an even greater degree of efficiency.
  • Finalize more transactions faster. Secure new business partners faster, handle growing business volumes with ease, transition new products into sales channels without delays – SEEBURGER BIS helps your company exploit growth opportunities with ease and flexibility.
  • Collaboration between IT and specialist departments. The BIS platform has been designed with both the needs of your IT department and those of your specialist departments in mind. With technical and functional real-time views of your business processes, you can respond flexibly to the ever-increasing information demands of your departments and business partners.

Master digital transformation with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

B2B integration

Exchange business documents in line with industry standards

  • Rapidly establish connections to all EDI/B2B partners
  • E-invoicing with customers and suppliers
  • Integrate smaller-scale partners/suppliers in your processes (WebEDI, PDF, eInvoice, etc)
  • Securely exchange engineering files (CAx)
  • Roll out paperless processes

API integration

Network applications and cloud services in real-time

  • Link company applications in real-time
  • Integrate as many cloud services as you wish
  • Seamlessly integrate cloud applications (i.e. salesforce, shop solutions) with ERP
  • Make your own services accessible to business partners (API management)
  • Implement big data and ETL integration scenarios

MFT integration

Securely transfer sensitive data between systems and/or people

  • Ad-hoc exchange between people – in a secure process with no file size limits
  • Efficient and secure teamwork
  • Secure data room & cloud storage
  • Integration of factories, field offices and POS
  • Automated file transfer between systems and people

SEEBURGER – Everything you need from a single source

Business-to-business integration is a task that never ends. IT infrastructures and business processes are constantly evolving, they must adapt flexibly to your objectives, growth and the ever-changing conditions in which you operate. SEEBURGER supports you as you tackle this challenge:

  • With experience and expertise

    We have 30 years' experience as specialists in business integration needs.

  • With efficient solutions

    Everything from a single source, everything on a single platform – no  software patchwork solutions by acquisition. 100% German-engineered.

  • With exceptional references

    Over 10,000 customers across the world rely on SEEBURGER solutions.

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