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The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite for Financial Services

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Nordea Improves Cash Management with SEEBURGER

Innovating to put customers first – stronger integration resulted in bottom line savings and increased value for Nordea and its customers.

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Are you SEPA Ready? Get the tools you need to comply with ISO20022

Be ready for the universal financial industry message scheme

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Consolidation & Migration with Migration Tools

Optimize your Infrastructure and Simplify Business Processes

Many banks are taking a wait-and-see approach before addressing the coming requirements from regulations, but that can be costly—as well as delay your response once the requirements are finalized. 

Based on the way banks have added protocols and formats—often through mergers—over the last 30 years to accommodate business partners, institutions are now faced with a complex infrastructure that lacks flexibility and is terribly difficult to manage. 

The limitations of legacy systems has slowed the ability to respond to new requirements and demands from customers. Banking institutions need to evolve their systems and automating processes to meet the speed of their customer’s systems. Expectations are high and banks must become more responsive if they are to compete to keep less loyal customers.

Financial institutions are taking a hard look at how to sustain competitive growth in the face of increasing regulatory requirements, revenue challenges and the threat of competitive displacement by emerging agile payment services providers, e.g. telecommunications companies with banking licenses for the provision of mobile payment services, etc. As they do so, replacing legacy systems rises to the top as a driver of strategic value.


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Be confident your replacement system will deliver results

One approach to capitalize on this need for modernization is to introduce a single, modern integration platform that consolidates B2B integration and file transfer services.

Lower Costs: Your system should lower system maintenance efforts and staff costs significantly through automation. Newer alternative protocols to FTP should also reduce data transfer costs. A reduction in software licenses and hardware resource should also provide cost reductions.

Improved Productivity: Integrating B2B and secure file transfer (MFT) in a single platform simplifies management, reduces errors, brings unstructured data under secure management, and lays the foundation for additional productivity improvements.

Performance Improvements: Your new system should deliver faster response times, via capabilities like simplified mappings and audit tools that speed up message-status and document tracking.

Ease of Migration:
Look for built-in Enterprise Application Integration capabilities that minimize the amount of manual coding, particularly around transformations. You should be able to easily automate data exchanges between systems.

Increased Capabilities: When replacing legacy systems, it’s also important to consider new capabilities that bring business value, such as user-friendly end-to-end tracking and tracing, extensive customer self-service features, flexible search and resend capabilities, governance, an out-of-the-box client enablement module and extensive capabilities for automated migration and testing.

Nordea consolidates and modernizes with BIS 6

Read about Nordea's experience migrating its communication and integration infrastructure to SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS 6)

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Deliver Business Value with an all-in-one Platform

SEEBURGER has a long history of innovation, all aimed at simplifying secure file transfer (MFT), B2B and integration for our customers, so you can operate larger B2B networks with fewer people, conduct secure business on a global scale, and change rapidly to accommodate business opportunities. 

Mergers and acquisitions, departmental based IT purchases, fast growth and multiple legacy systems across various territories often leads to:

  • Distributed and fragmented infrastructure
  • Challenges with managing the volume of file-based transactions
  • Onboarding for partners and customers reach escalation stages
  • Limited visibility maintaining regulatory compliance challenging
  • Replication of efforts that multiplies with redundant technologies across entities

Optimize and simplify your IT to deliver business value

Optimize & Simplify

Business Value Delivered

Single Communications Platform

Single communications gateway and management GUI developed under a single set of design standards based on interoperability.


Lower TCO and operating costs, faster partner onboarding, secure integration with internal systems, scalability, flexibility to meet new demands

Event Monitoring

Automates tracking of scheduled events and proves that they happened.


Lower management costs, fewer errors, improved customer service

Task Management

Automates long-running processes, including those with human-run steps.


Improved compliance and governance, lower management costs, fewer errors


Provides single-click transfer of data from test to production systems.


Faster deployment, easier change management, improved compliance and governance, fewer errors

Dynamic Priority Control

Enables automatic prioritization of sequencing for critical data and events.

Lower TCO, fewer SLA violations, improved customer service, fewer system failures, lower management costs


SEEBURGER’s Migration Framework

Financial services institutions cannot afford to move a system to production and experience errors. The Compare Suite tools automate data extraction and transformation. The suite was developed to allow you to apply resources to what matters most — testing the integrity of the system to ensure that trading partners and system-to-system integrations with business systems, such as ERP, are in place with unobstructed message flows.

Transition Smoothly with our Compare Suite for Migration

The Compare Suite enables SEEBURGER to generate system-produced files based on the same input data that created your legacy files and then ‘intelligently’ compare them to your existing environment and test all message flows running through the system.

Our Compare Suite migration tools enable:

  • Full run-through testing and automated migration of up to 95% of master data
  • Automated migration of mappings, configurations and agreements
  • No configuration freeze on your legacy environment is required
  • Data manipulation as part of automated migration to enable compliance with naming conventions, for example
  • Automated reporting on parallel testing (dramatically reduces the test effort)
  • Intelligent comparisons of existing legacy files to SEEBURGER system-produced files
  • Enablement of Pre-Go-Live testing in parallel to the existing environment

Onboarding as a tool to ease Migration

Ordinarily, the majority of effort and time during a project migration is spent manually migrating master data–including envelope information, communication data, partner credentials, and more. The next step is identifying and fixing the errors introduced during this time-intensive, manual process.

This is why so many migration projects push the boundaries of scope, time and budget—not to mention fully moving to production. Instead, consider the benefits available if 95% of your existing master data can be automatically migrated into the Trading Partner Management Framework.


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