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The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite for Financial Services

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Nordea Improves Cash Management with SEEBURGER

Innovating to put customers first – stronger integration resulted in bottom line savings and increased value for Nordea and its customers.

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Are you SEPA Ready? Get the tools you need to comply with ISO20022

Be ready for the universal financial industry message scheme

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Business Intelligence for an Improved Customer Offering

Develop a sophisticated understanding of your customers by bringing together disparate data sets

From corporate customers to wealth management clients, knowing your customer better beginning with the data you have can provide you with the knowledge you need to turn your hard data into cross-selling services that drive income.

Knowing your customer (KYC) is key to retaining and attracting customers (and protecting them from fraudulent activity) – Get control over the data you already have by consolidating it and supplying the data to your BIG data analysis tool.

SEEBURGER products and services empower you to get your data into your reporting framework so that you can:

  • Drive siloed data from applications and other databases into your reporting framework, enabling business intelligence via integration provided you an integrated view of all data for a comprehensive profile of your customers
  • Gain more control by anticipating trends through customer requirement monitoring
  • Identify consumer trends in the use of bank-issued cards and incredibly rapid correlation of multi-sourced data (e.g. social, geo-location, etc.) to produce individually targeted consumer offers
  • Compare your product line performance with consolidated information across lines of business
  • Increase fraud reduction capabilities with real-time analytics


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Data Management Delivers with Dynamic Analytical Dashboards

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) data extraction and processing methods can require days to recreate management reports if essential data is missing from an OLAP cube. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite takes care of this time lag by reducing wait times to hours. But as data volume, variety and velocity grows, the value financial institutions are looking for comes down to transforming data into information within minutes.

The difference is an economy of scale made possible by switching from transforming source data into structured data for analysis, to converting it to a pre-optimized non-relational database. Rather than populating static dashboards, this information can now be used to build dynamic analytical dashboards that result in more intelligent management information.

A few of the highlights that streamline business intelligence management include:

  • No SPoF (Single Point of Failure)
  • Truly horizontal scalability
  • Lower management overhead
  • High read-and-write performance
  • Non-relational database approach with pre-optimization
  • Large volume data movement with analytical capability

Consolidation for Business Intelligence

Financial institutions need a global B2B intelligence system that extends real-time financial supply chain insight beyond the IT department to lines of business that are reliant on taking action to serve customers and keep operations running smoothly–from one end of the enterprise to the other.

Transactions involve data and processes from multiple systems, therefore, visibility must span across a platform to provide an understanding of what is happening so that banks can respond appropriately. While the average time to identify and solve a B2B problem takes up to 20 hours, you can’t afford to be average. With the ability to monitor the data and transactions flowing through the network, responsiveness can become proactive, rather than reactive.

Optimizing operations relies on the ability to identify, diagnose and solve problems swiftly and efficiently. Doing so with a centralized approach speeds up business cycles, lowers support costs, and improves customer experiences–therefore aiding in retention and loyalty.

Know your Customer

Many financial institutions have the need to manage distributed databases around the world, and need a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than their current systems can provide without compromising performance, access, or scale. Our Big Data Management (BDM) capabilities provide a data model that perfectly suits financial customer interaction data with multi-data-center support. This capability is built specifically for big data scale and is able to persist, manage and quickly query big data to support trading operations and customer account transactions.

Even better, deployment is fast and nimble, with costs at a fraction of traditional systems. This capability enables easy scale when business needs change or when unexpected customer interactions result in a spike in demand. When you need to write a lot of data quickly or rely on a continuously available and accessible database architecture, upgrading to SEEBURGER’s BDM just makes sense.


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